Dance Competition Management Platform

A modern approach to simplify registration, scheduling, and tabulation to help your event run smoother than ever!


DanceSync is designed to be simple and clean with an easy to user interface. The platform combines registration, scheduling, and tabulation in a single user friendly system. These built in features that will help your manage your dance competitions more efficiently than you ever thought possible. As an event coordinator your job is busy enough, you will be amazed at how much time you will save by using DanceSync.




person iconEasy studio signup

add iconAdd dancers & create routines

logout iconSubmit routines to competitions


Auto generation of schedules

Ready to use templates available

Easy export to PDF for print



sync iconSync with current schedules

Enter scores

Generate reports

Built To Be Powerful

  • Auto-generation of schedules
  • Live dashboard
  • Easy to use interface
  • Time saver
Girl Dancer

Analytical Reports

  • 1. Stay on track with your competitions and access analytical data about each event
  • 2. Track errors and schedule changes to help your team become more efficient and make more money. This intelligent platform can help you fit in more dances per day

Smart Alerts

  • 1. Pop up conflict notifications. If there is a schedule conflict or any issues, DanceSync will instantly notify you to create necessary changes
  • 2. Real-time notifications while running the competitions to show whether a dancer is missing from an upcoming routine or if your event is behind schedule.
check-in screen

Check-in With Live Dashboard Integration

Check in all the dancers sorted by studio in each session and keep your competition on schedule using the integrated Live Dashboard feature.

Tabulation With Built-in Advanced Features

Judges can easily input scores for each dance, add notes, or change the order of routines if needed.

tabulation screen
Run dance competitions smoothly and stay organized with DanceSync.

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